About Permanecer

Permanecer (pehr-mah-neh-sehr) is a Spanish word which means to remain or to stay in a state of being or a place. It is the word used in Isaiah 40:8 where we are told that grass withers and flowers fade, but the word of God will stand forever. Also in John 6:27 where Jesus tells us not to work for what perishes, but to work for what endures to eternal life. In John 15 where Jesus calls us to abide in Him, and in 1 Corinthians 16:13 where we are told to stand firm in the faith.

At Permanecer Ministries, we provide material support to missionaries and missions on the front lines of advancing the kingdom of God throughout the world. We work with pastors and missionaries in foreign countries who have been called to work for what endures to eternal life, whose work calls others to stand firm in the faith and abide in Christ, and whose ministries embody God’s love, mercy and grace.

Mercy Ministries

Much of the work we do at Permanecer is in supporting Mercy Ministries. These ministries originate from local pastors who have been called by God to demonstrate God's love and mercy to their communities. These pastors have not just believed in God's call, but committed to it by investing their own resources into launching their ministries. Permanecer comes alongside to help with planning, construction, and material support. But the day to day operations of the ministry remain in the hands of the local pastor who knows best how to reach his community.

  • Casa de Misericordia (House of Mercy)

    The House of Mercy ministers to out-of-town families that have a loved one in the hospital in Ensenada, Mexico. It is not uncommon for family members to spend all that they have to arrive in Ensenada to be by the side of a loved one who is in the hospital. Before the House of Mercy, those family members would find themselves sleeping on the sidewalk outside the hospital and begging for food. Now they have a warm meal, comfortable bed, place to shower and launder their clothes, and most importantly, God's love and spiritual care. The pastor and staff at House of Mercy have had the opportunity to lead many to Christ, or simply back to His church, as they care for family members in their time of need.
  • Casa del Abuelo (Grandparent's Home)

    The Grandparent's Home provides permanent living accommodations for elderly who don't have any family or have been abandoned, and don't have the ability to live on their own. Many of these elderly have been living on the streets and begging for food in Maneadero, Mexico. At the home, these elderly not only have a safe place to live and a warm meal, but a Christian community to belong to. The Grandparent's Home is currently over capacity housing 15 elderly, with pastors living on site to provide physical and spiritual care. Construction is currently underway with the goal of eventually housing between 40 and 50 elderly.

Pastors & Nationals

At Permanecer, we believe deeply in the value of native pastors. In reaching people for Christ, the ability to not only speak the local language fluently but understand the intricacies of the local culture isn't just beneficial, it's essential. For that reason, we seek strong partnerships with local churches and pastors that are working to spread the Gospel through word and deed. These are the heroes of the faith that have bet everything on what endures to eternal life:

  • Gallegos Family

    Pastor Nicolas and Angelica Gallegos serve in Maneadero where they pastor a church and operate the Grandparent's Home. Their sons Angel and Jonothan serve in the ministry and in the church, leading the youth and worship.
  • Torres Family

    Pastor Francisco and Elizabeth Torres pastor a church in Maneadero and lead the House of Mercy in Ensenada. Their children Francisco, Erik, and Ericka are all attending college. Ericka serves in the church helping to lead worship.

Partner with Us

None of what we do would be possible without people like you who have decided to invest in what will endure to eternal life, rather than what will fade and perish. Would you be willing to partner with us in spreading the Gospel? Here are 3 ways you can be involved:

  • 1.) Follow and Pray

    Subscribe to our newsletter and follow what God is doing through Permanecer on a monthly basis. Join us in praying for our pastors, projects, and ministries.
  • 2.) Give

    Would you be willing to provide a one-time donation to help us complete a project, or could you give monthly to help support a pastor or ministry? Permanecer is a 501c3 non-profit religious organization, and you can give online now.
  • 3.) Come and Serve

    Whether it's for a weekend, a week, or longer, you can come join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus. Contact us to begin planning your mission to Mexico.


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